Squirdle Today’s Answer for September 16

Looking for Squirdle’s solution today? You’re at the correct place, then. We provide you with the solution to the problem for today in this guide, and we’ll also keep this article updated each day. So, if you frequently play Squirdle, we advise bookmarking this website and coming back. In this manner, you’ll consistently get the proper response.

Squirdle is a word-for-Pokémon swapping daily puzzle game similar to Wordle. You must choose a specific Pokémon from a database each day, and each guess gives you information that will assist you to identify the right choice. With the aid of an arrow, you may evaluate whether the number of the shared attribute is larger or lower than the accurate one and find out whether your Pokémon share any of the traits listed, such as gen, type, height, and weight. Have a go if that explanation is incorrect; you should come up with anything.

What Is Squirdle?

Squirdle is a daily puzzle game that plays like Wordle and asks you to guess a particular Pokémon each day. You’ll adore it if you enjoy Wordle but are a lot more of a fan of adorable creatures than words.

How Does It Work?

Squirdle will provide some feedback after you guess a Pokémon to help you focus on the right response. You’ll discover how your Pokémon stacks up to the right response based on the following characteristics:

  • Gen, including whether it’s higher or lower
  • Type 1
  • Type 2
  • Height, including whether it’s higher or lower
  • Weight, including whether it’s higher or lower

You have seven attempts to identify the Pokémon using this information before the game is done.

Squirdle Tips and Tricks

  • Just guess: Don’t overthink your initial assumption; you only need some data to work with. Decide on a Pokémon, then proceed from there.
  • Pokédex: It’s beneficial to keep a Pokédex close at hand so you can verify the essential details of the Pokémon you’re speculating, possibly most importantly its height and weight.

Squirdle Today Answer

Finally, here’s the answer for today’s Squirdle challenge:

Previous Squirdle Answers

  • September 15: QUILAVA
  • September 14: GLACEON
  • September 13: BLISSEY
  • September 12: DREEPY
  • September 10: ELECTABUZZ
  • September 9: OMANYTE
  • September 8: GARBODOR
  • September 7: TREVENANT
  • September 6: BOLTUND
  • September 5: EXEGGCUTE
  • September 4: CARNIVINE
  • September 3: NATU

This concludes our Squirdle today guide. Don’t forget to download it using the buttons at the top of the page, look at our other how-tos using the links in the third paragraph, bookmark this website, and return frequently for new answers.

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